A humble small town cemetery has become a serial killer’s playground,
their only hope is the local groundskeeper & his supernatural companion.


Concept Clip

Based in a humble small town, Patrick, an unlikely hero gets tangled in the hunt for a serial killer when he unwillingly inherits a supernatural companion. Meanwhile, two belligerent detectives stake-out the cemetery in the hope of catching the serial killer before he kills again.

The concept clip is a scene from the draft pilot episode of Garden Grove. In the clip, we are introduced to Patrick, Heinrich and Detective Beretty. This clip was shot purely to massage your imagination and give you an idea of Garden Grove's potential.

Garden Grove

A comedic paranormal murder mystery.

Proof of Concept

Fade In Productions set out to capture a snippet of Garden Grove to present as a proof of concept. To enjoy a few videos including the concept trailer and clips from the pilot episode, please click the videos on this page.


Garden Grove is a low-cost comedy to be developed in collaboration with a suitable network.


To be developed as a series of 6 to 8 x half an hour episodes, with the potential for further development.


The series at current includes adult and dark comedy, which suggests course language and other accompanying attributes. Along with the crime/mystery elements, this positions the series to target predominantly the 18-45yo male audience. However, depending on the preference of the purchasing network, the material can be made to suit a younger audience. The series is predicted to attract a similar audience to that of; The Strange Calls, Being Human, Six Feet Under, The Peep Show and The I.T. Crowd.


The Story

Garden Grove is a paranormal murder mystery with a twist of comedy.

Based in a humble small town, an unlikely hero gets tangled in the hunt for a serial killer when he unwillingly inherits a supernatural companion.

Patrick Humes is the local groundskeeper at the Garden Grove cemetery, where a life of missed opportunities and forgotten dreams have lead him here, working with the dead. After years of monotonous routine, Patrick encounters a phenomenon that changes his life forever.

Meanwhile, the town has become a serial killers playground and the hunt for the killer leads two bored and over eager detectives to the Garden Grove cemetery. Patrick’s odd behaviour quickly puts a target on his back and lands him high on the suspect list. He has no choice but to use his new found abilities and assistance from his supernatural friend to prove his innocence and catch the killer before he kills someone Pat cares about.

After acquiring his sixth sense, Patrick slowly realises the advantages of the unwanted gift. His life is completely turned around as he becomes an overnight hero who compromises his own safety to locate and expose a dangerous killer.

The episodic puzzle is accompanied by witty dialogue, comedic banter and paranormal anecdotes. With a well crafted blend of characters carefully placed throughout the story, Garden Grove is designed to keep the audience guessing with its morbid disposition of events based around a serial killers fantasy.

Garden Grove integrates powerful plot points to provide the foundation for further season instalments. The series is filled with cliff hanger endings that will keep the audience coming back for more.


Transmedia. Multiplatform.

Garden Grove is a series of mysteries that take the audience on a journey to collect clues and eventually solve the case. The audience will discover important plot points given in each episode, uncover clues found on the interactive website and even follow what the characters are doing and thinking on twitter. Incorporating the quirky humour from the show, these platforms create a portal for the audience to thoroughly get to know and interact with each character, delivering a highly rewarding and personalised experience.




Interactive Website.


Social Media.


On the comprehensive interactive website, the audience members can watch the latest vlog by Patrick as he get closer to solving the cases, read through case files, view the map of Garden Grove, play games, catch up on the latest episode, even watch videos from behind the scenes. Make sure you keep your eye out for Heinrich the resident ghost, he just might lead you to a hidden clue.


Twitter: @TheGardenGrove
Facebook: /GardenGroveSeries

Garden Grove extends the character development and storytelling experience far beyond the half an hour episodes. Utilising social media, each character posts their thoughts, extended plot points and photos around the clock, giving the audience something new to come back to everyday during the season. The characters live tweet during the show, giving an unique insight into what is happening both on and off the screen. This portal also gives the audience the ability to actually interact with the characters and potentially, even become involved in the story.


The interactive nature of the Garden Grove series lends itself to being further developed into applications for smart phones and tablets.

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